Paneer Tikka Kebabs

I love Paneer Tikka kebab. I am yet to find a place in the bay that does taste of home. It is a widely popular vegetarian alternative to the chicken tikka kebab  that you get at your local Indian Restaurants. It is usually cooked in a Tandoor (clay oven) in most restaurants which adds the smoky flavor, but at home you can use your grill, griddle or a normal cooking range oven.

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Hummus has been one of favourite dishes growing up and it used to be complimented with Ful Medames (recipe coming soon) for dinner. Moving away for college, I always stocked up my dorm fridge on Sabra Hummus from the grocery store. It was something I had to settle with, but not any more and neither do you. My recipe below is the quickest way to prepare humus and it enables you to have it fresh every time  you want to have it.

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