For my love of mozzarella cheese and Caprese salad, here is a recipe with a twist. Fun story about Caprese salad, it was introduced post World War I (the early 1920s). A mason wanted to prepare a dish that would incorporate the tricolor into the presentation, a symbolic tribute to Italy.

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Penne Pasta

I have received a lot of compliments for my recipe over the years, so I decided to share it today. The flavours infused with the blend of two sauces  + Sriracha creates magic in every bite. I am an avid lover of Sriracha and there was a phase where I had to have it every meal.  I hope you guys try to re-create this recipe at-least once and share your experience.
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Basil Pesto

I usually opt for making fresh pesto for my pasta and sandwiches. It just adds more flavor and freshness to the food, after all it is all about the sauce. This recipe is a fairly simple and you can either chose to make it right when you need it or just freeze it for a later use. You can even try creating your own variations at home, by adding avocados, switching up the cheese etc.

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