Vegetable Pie

This is an ideal rainy day recipe. It is probably one of the quickest and easiest pie/ quiche recipes you will find. The best part about this recipe, it only limited by your imagination.

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For my love of mozzarella cheese and Caprese salad, here is a recipe with a twist. Fun story about Caprese salad, it was introduced post World War I (the early 1920s). A mason wanted to prepare a dish that would incorporate the tricolor into the presentation, a symbolic tribute to Italy.

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Beetroot Burgers

I was watching Chef’s Table: France on Netflix this afternoon and got really inspired by Alain Passard. Majority of  his dishes are focused around fresh vegetable and fruits source directly from the farm. He creates new recipes everyday based on what arrives from the farm, which enables him to experiment with new elements and flavors. One example he mentions is about how two sets of turnips that were planted in the same farm at the same time, and just the soil used was different, resulted in two very different tasting turnips. So much attention to detail and flavors, would love to visit his three-Michelin star restaurant L’Arpege next time I am in Paris for a unique experience.

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