Beetroot Burgers

I was watching Chef’s Table: France on Netflix this afternoon and got really inspired by Alain Passard. Majority of  his dishes are focused around fresh vegetable and fruits source directly from the farm. He creates new recipes everyday based on what arrives from the farm, which enables him to experiment with new elements and flavors. One example he mentions is about how two sets of turnips that were planted in the same farm at the same time, and just the soil used was different, resulted in two very different tasting turnips. So much attention to detail and flavors, would love to visit his three-Michelin star restaurant L’Arpege next time I am in Paris for a unique experience.

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Penne Pasta

I have received a lot of compliments for my recipe over the years, so I decided to share it today. The flavours infused with the blend of two sauces  + Sriracha creates magic in every bite. I am an avid lover of Sriracha and there was a phase where I had to have it every meal.  I hope you guys try to re-create this recipe at-least once and share your experience.
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Quinoa Garbanzo Burger

Being a vegetarian I tend to be limited to a Burger King in the fast food chain or a Morning star black bean burger patty and it is great for quick meals. However it does get very boring, so I got inspired by an India snack time recipe Sabudana Vada which is made out of Tapioca pearls. I decided to try out something different, and this totally random experimental recipe turned out that I no longer have to stock my freeze with Morning Star Patties but rather my pantry cans of grabanzo beans.

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Basil Pesto

I usually opt for making fresh pesto for my pasta and sandwiches. It just adds more flavor and freshness to the food, after all it is all about the sauce. This recipe is a fairly simple and you can either chose to make it right when you need it or just freeze it for a later use. You can even try creating your own variations at home, by adding avocados, switching up the cheese etc.

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Avocado Brownies

It’s Throwback Thursday!! I’m sharing this recipe from one of my previous abandoned blogs. This was when I was on a low-calorie diet and to address my unavoidable sweet tooth Nandita shared this recipe with me. Be sure to check out her beauty blog ( and follow her on twitter @mystyleexp.

What makes this recipe Healthy?
In this recipe we replace the butter with Avocado, a quick Google search tells me that   8oz. Butter = ~1600 calories vs 8oz. Avacado = ~350 calories.

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